Good Hope Psychotherapists
Prospective Clients


You may be inquiring about our services because you are experiencing emotional distress and are considering psychotherapy.  Often this is a decision that is made after considerable reflection and struggle.  We applaud your courage.

Your choice of a therapist may be one of the most significant decisions you will make during your lifetime.  Your growth in therapy should make your life richer, and have a positive impact on all your relationships, particularly with those close to you.  You will entrust your therapist with very personal information that will be held confidential.  In return, you should experience understanding, compassionate caring, an absence of judgment and skilled professional direction.

What makes for competency in a therapist?  We believe there are three important ingredients.  First and foremost, there must be solid clinical training – this is not merely the accumulation of degrees but is evidenced by a foundation of supervised clinical training in accredited programs.  Beyond that, therapists need ongoing continuing education and other activities, which provide for personal and professional growth.  Finally, therapists need to have the ability to draw from their own personal life experiences.  The struggles, which have been successfully resolved, become part of the well of knowledge, which a therapist taps into when practicing psychotherapy. 

We believe that we offer you all of the above.  It is not uncommon that clients will visit us after less than satisfactory previous therapy experiences and will remark that they have felt “understood” and for the first time in their life felt hope. 

The therapeutic relationship is one that requires deliberate selection and a match of abilities and personalities between client and therapist.  Therapy can and should be a life-changing experience and one in which you demonstrate your commitment to self-exploration, self-knowledge, and self-growth.  The relationship you are about to enter should be a close and personal one.  You should select a therapist you feel has the potential to connect with you and to provide the support and skills needed for this journey.  We encourage you to talk with us by phone or in person to explore whether our practice will fit your needs.


Joseph M. Martin, LCSW

Sheri L. Fullas, B.S., M.H.T.