Good Hope Psychotherapists
What We Believe


Respecting and working within the value system of each person.  Intimate relationships require each person to operate from a position of personal strength. Current problems are often logical responses to what one has experienced. It is not what is wrong with the person; it is what happened to the person.


How We Provide Treatment


A request for treatment will be screened by our staff and initial evaluation appointment will be set up with an appropriate therapist.

With your input, a treatment plan will be developed and discussed with you.  This will include an identification of your problems, the kinds of therapy most appropriate (individual, couples, family, group, etc.) and the recommended frequency of sessions.

Our practice has established relationships with psychiatrists, psychologists, drug and alcohol counselors, partial hospitalization and inpatient programs, as well as other professionals, if a more comprehensive treatment should be needed.


What We Charge


Our cost for treatment is based on an established fee schedule. 

We are not insurance participating but will provide you with documentation to access your out of network insurance benefits.

Because we are generally not “in network” with insurance plans, we do not receive direct payment from insurance companies.  This does not necessarily mean that your services will not be covered by your insurance company—it only means that we do not directly bill insurance carriers.  Instead, we will provide you with documentation that you can provide to your insurance company along with an insurance claim form to utilize any out of network benefits your insurance may provide.  Your carrier can provide you with information about your out of network benefits.

Some persons choose not to use insurance especially if personal material to be explored in therapy is of a sensitive nature or if the person has visibility in the community.  Whenever you use your insurance for mental health benefits a numeric psychiatric diagnosis must be provided to the insurance company.  Depending on one’s insurance, in network providers must often submit treatment plans on a periodic basis which will contain more detailed information about problems and treatment.

Persons often worry about the confidentiality of this detailed personal information as it makes its way through the insurance system especially if insurance is provided by their employer.  Increasingly, efforts to establish national data banks of health care information are cited as a concern when using insurance for mental health benefits.  By opting out of the insurance networks, we are allowing our clients how much information, if any they wish to share with their insurance providers.

Change comes from:

  • careful listening
  • helpful clarifications
  • education
  • exploring options
  • helping the person develop and implement a plan of action

Health and wholeness result from optimal functioning of our:

  • physical
  • intellectual
  • emotional
  • spiritual selves

Quality of life is reflected in:

  • health
  • hope
  • balance
  • mastery
  • empowerment